Dexphase (Dani Novoa), borned and resident in Madrid, founded Blackworks at the end of 2019. Influenced and pasionated on hardtechno, rave and industrial techno, wanted to bring this music style in Spain, offering spanish crowd the most hard and fast sounds.

He shared the DJ booth with artists like 999999999, AnD, Airod, I Hate Models, Héctor Oaks, Tommy Four Seven. As gigs he also was invited to Warsaw (Poland), Napoli (Italy), Liverpool (UK) and Colombia.

As Blackworks booker, his philosophy is based in inviting talented and upcoming artists for first time in Madrid or Spain, combining with other well recognized artists. Artists as Nico Moreno, Dyen, KRTM, Wallis, Charlie Sparks, Trym, Rikhter, Jan Vercauteren, Somewhen and many more, made their premiere in Madrid with Blackworks.